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    A classic clip that always gets me fired up when I have to put my business face on and need some motivation.

    The leads are weak? You’re weak!

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    Where the magic happens

    Where the magic happens

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    "Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life."
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    "World: the quality of your person is directly related to the condition in which you leave public toilets."
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    Jeff Bezos explains his regret minimization framework. How are things going to look at 80 years old?

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    This is a video from The Post Carbon Institute outlining the discovery and rise of use of fossil fuels in the now, quite common, white board style. It’s amazing how recently we have discovered how to use fossil fuels and how fast they have influenced almost everything in our lives. Prepare for business as unusual, it’s all hands on deck.

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    Using Cron to Start Map Reduce Jobs on Google App Engine

    I am working on a web app using GAELYK on Google App Engine and needed to reset a counter on every entity of a specific type every night.  This is a perfect job for Cron and the MapReduce API.  I coded the mapper servlet and was able to start the job from the MapReduce dashboard.  However, I was unable start the job using Cron because the MapReduce dashboard uses an AJAX POST call to start it, and the way to start a MapReduce job programmatically also requires a POST call and Cron can only invoke an action using GET.  This meant I would have to manually run the job from the MapReduce dashboard everyday which is hardly useful.

    Luckily, I found a work around that I hope will be useful to someone else.  I modified the mapreduce-appengine to allow MapReduce jobs to be run with a GET call and should work for anybody running Java on App Engine.  You can grab the source code to compile it yourself or just download my modified version of appengine-mapper.jar and add it to your project.

    In mapreduce.xml the job is defined as normal, in this case I have a Mapper called PeriodResetMapper that performs a task on every Account Entity

    To call this mapper from Cron you must call the /mapreduce/command/start_job url with some parameters.  I have a simple mapper that only needs the name of the Mapper and the type of Entity to iterate over.  Replace your mapper name as defined in mapreduce.xml, in this case periodReset, with your own.  Also, replace the entity name with the type of entity in your data store you want to iterate over, in this case Account.  Also, keep in mind that you must escape the ampersands betweens your URL parameters in your cron.xml.  In the example cron.xml below, my mapper will be called every day at midnight.

    I highly suggest that you set a security constraint in your web.xml file to restrict the MapReduce servlet endpoint to only those with admin access (this includes Cron). You can grab all of the files in a Gist here.

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    2012 A Time for Change is a film calling for action towards change and sustainability if for some reason the world doesn’t end in 2012.  The trailer has me sold, and I am looking forward to seeing it. If you are in any of the cities it is screening, check it out and let me know how it was.

    For a better description of the film, I like this honest quote from their webpage

    We readily admit that 2012: Time for Change is a teaching tool as well as a piece of propaganda masquerading as a somewhat slick, somewhat street, feature documentary. The secret purpose of 2012: Time for Change is to get you to look at your world differently, and to begin to participate in a conscious movement toward personal and social transformation.

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